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Patient Empowerment Program(PEP)


Patient Power is the Third Pillar of Cancer Care









 In order to realize patient-centered team medicine, it is important for patients themselves to understand their illness and treatment and not leave it up to the medical staff.

 This requires communication skills to be able to discuss with medical staff, to examine various information, and to convey one's own thoughts and feelings. 

What can be done to draw out and cultivate such "patient power"?

 Patient power is something that everyone has by nature. The medical staff should draw out the "patient power" of patients who are unable to demonstrate it well, so that they can face treatment proactively.

In order to achieve this, not only should medical professionals learn this skill, but they should also transcend the boundaries of medicine and change society through a variety of approaches.


Video gallery

Patient Empowerment programの取り組みを映像でご紹介します。 PEP TV【公式】 - YouTube

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 As a cancer doctor, cancer researcher, and cancer patient/survivor. I embrace my experience as three C's. There are many things that I have learned from my cancer journey. The most important thing is that we empower the patients. And patients empower themselves. Nothing more or nothing less.

 The PEP program is a reflection of what I am most passionate about. We hope that we can continue to create an impactful and innovative program that will make a difference to healthcare providers and their patients. 

​Naoto Ueno




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