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患者力向上ゲーム・ILLNESS BUSTERのパイロット版が完成


 その学生さんたちが有志で取り組んでいる、患者力向上RPGゲーム・ILLENESS BUSTER(イルネスバスター)のパイロット版が完成しました!



Students of Taisho University's Entertainment Business Course, Department of Expression, Faculty of Expression, who learned the importance of "Patient Power" through the Social Problem Solving WS class.

The pilot version of ILLENESS BUSTER, an RPG game for improving patient power that these students have been working on voluntarily, has been completed!

 Of course, we are not satisfied with just making the game.

What kind of effect will the completed game have! We are in the process of conducting empirical research by having the same college students play the game and evaluating it based on questionnaires.


 We will report the results on this website as well.

ILLNESS BUSTER企画に関する詳細はこちらをご覧ください。

For more information on the ILLNESS BUSTER project, please click here.


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